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SubjectRe: Uptime again?
From: "Hartmut Holz" <>
> Rik van Riel wrote:
> >
> > The fact that lavrec crashes the machine while Xawtv works
> > suggests a device driver may be corrupting memory somewhere.
> >
> I got a debug patch from Manfred Spraul to debug slab.c.

poisoning of fields of 'struct page', slab poisoning, even of objects with constructors.
Same patch as:

> With this patch
> the machine ran for about 3 hours. No problem. I looked into slab.c and had an
> idea. What about just one CPU. So I built a new Kernel with just one CPU.
> Result: 1 CPU 1 Minute - 2 CPU 20 Minutes. I aspected a different result.
> In my opinion the whole thing has something to do with slab, SMP and threads.
Not with slab itself, probably with a slab user. Someone uses a stale pointer.

What do you means with one cpu? Did you boot a SMP kernel with "nosmp" on the command line, or did you make a kernel without


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