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    SubjectRe: [CFT] Bus mastering support for IDE CDROM audio
    "Kevin P. Fleming" wrote:
    > When reading from the N drive, get lots of "cdrom_pc_intr: read too
    > little data 0 < 2352",

    OK, thanks Kevin (Dan, Kristian, Grant..)

    Seems that some devices simply terminate their DMA in a normal
    manner, report no errors and don't tell us how much data they
    transferred. From my reading of the ATA spec, they're allowed
    to do that - they only need to report the transfer byte count
    in PIO mode.

    Could you please change the code in drivers/ide/ide-cd.c:cdrom_pc_intr() to:

    if ((stat & DRQ_STAT) == 0 && len < pc->buflen) {
    printk(__FUNCTION__ ": read too little data! %d < %d\n",
    len, pc->buflen);
    + len = pc->buflen;
    pc->buflen -= len;
    pc->buffer += len;

    and let me know if the thing actually reads audio correctly?

    Also, please tell me whether that particular drive reads normal
    ISO filesystems correctly in DMA mode? Thanks.

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