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    SubjectRe: ACPI trouble (Was: Re: [patch] amd athlon cooling on kt266/266a chipset)
    On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Wayne Whitney wrote:

    > In mailing-lists.linux-kernel, Rasmus Bøg Hansen wrote:
    > I have an ASUS A7V motherboard, similar to your ASUS A7V133. I find
    > that stock kernel (2.4.18-pre7) APM powers off the machine, but stock
    > kernel ACPI does not. However, the Intel ACPI patch, available from
    > against
    > kernel 2.4.16, does power down my machine. I was able to forward port
    > this to 2.4.18-pre7 without too much trouble by starting with 2.4.16,
    > applying the Intel ACPI patch first, and then applying kernel
    > patch-2.4.17 and kernel patch-2.4.18-pre7.

    ok .. .maybe someone should look what the differences for the "halt"
    functions are ... i risked a short look in the acpi sources, but i have
    not the time to compare the patches at the moment ... maybe at the weekend
    ... but the acpi sources don't look like easy to understand :) (like many
    parts of ther kernel ... imha as a kernel newbee :) )

    > As to the merits of the amd_disconnect patch that started this thread,
    > under 2.4.18-pre7-acpi, I get an idle CPU temperature of about 48 C.
    > With the amd_disconnect patch, it drops to 32-35 C, wow! As
    > previously discussed, APM + amd_disconnect on an Athlon does not
    > provide any power savings, one needs ACPI + amd_disconnect.

    ahh ... anopther "it works"- feedback ... :)


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