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SubjectRe: Athlon PSE/AGP Bug
From: Stuart Young <>
Subject: Re: Athlon PSE/AGP Bug
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 11:36:56 +1100

> At 04:52 PM 22/01/02 -0600, Steve Brueggeman wrote:
> >I would like to see some indication that someone is collecting data
> >related to "running stable with mem=nopentium on Athelon
> >architecture", and maybe we can see a pattern here. Heck maybe we see
> >2 or 3 different patterns here.
> Well I'm quite willing to give all the system specs we have at work and the
> ones I have at home (all up, this is about 12 Athlon's that are running
> Linux, all running fine so far with no issues) towards this process.
> I've not seen your system specs, so I'm wondering what sort of m/board you
> have? The mention of the SiS AGP support makes me wonder if you are running
> an SiS chipset board. In the past, Linux kernel developers and the XFree86
> team have had a huge amount of trouble (or in some cases, flat refusal) in
> getting certain (usually up to date) specs out of SiS, and I'm wondering if
> maybe this could be related somehow, as none of the systems I've got have
> an SiS chipset in them (they are all AMD or VIA chipsets).

Yes the docs and driver for the graphic part of the sis630 suck (I
helped debuggin/hacking it ...) - but the sis735 runs rock solid here!
Using a mga450 and an Athlon XP1700+.

Here I only see one Athlon system crashing all the time. This is a
700Mhz Duron runnign in a Asus A7V. With a 2.4.16 kernel compiled with
Athlon optimization all applications are crashing all time (sed, cc,
gcc, sawfish - all. Simply sig-11), with a 2.4.4 kernel (using the
same .config) it seem to run just fine. 4 passes of memtest86 showed
no error, either ...

I see the broken via chips involved most of the time.

We will try a i386-only optimized kernel tomorrow.

> Now I'm not saying this is an SiS issue, but maybe it's more prevalent with
> SiS chipsets? Until we get some hard data, who knows!
> Stuart Young -
> (aka Cefiar) -
> [All opinions expressed in the above message are my]
> [own and not necessarily the views of my employer..]

k33p h4ck1n6 and goo night

René Rebe (Registered Linux user: #248718 <>)



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