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    SubjectRe: [PATCH]Re: OOPS in APM 2.4.18-pre4 with i830MP agpgart
    Nicolas Aspert wrote:

    > Didier Moens wrote:
    >> Dear all,
    >> On november 27th, Nicolas Aspert was so kind as to post a
    >> modification to agpgart, which catters for detection of the Intel
    >> i830MP.
    >> The patch was included in 2.4.18-pre2.
    >> Unfortunately, loading agpgart yields an oops when APM ("apm -s") is
    >> invoked, both in terminal and in X. APM functions perfectly when
    >> agpgart is absent.
    > Hello all
    > Here is a patch that fixes the APM/suspend/resume issues in agpgart
    > (for 820 and 830MP chipsets).
    > The patch is against 2.4.18-pre4
    > Have a nice week-end.

    Patch functions OK for me (patch applied to 2.4.18-pre4) : I can enter
    and resume from APM with agpgart loaded.

    Unfortunately, since moving from RedHat Rawhide 2.4.16-0.9 to vanilla
    2.4.18-pre4, I'm regularly confronted with the "ide_dmaproc : chipset
    supported ide_dma_lostirq func only : 13"-error when resuming from APM
    (see lkml-thread "DMA woes", 2001-12-07, with interventions from Andre
    Hedrick), but I verified this is unrelated to the presence of the
    agpgart module.



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