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    SubjectRe: Type-change of kdev_t
    On Sat, 19 Jan 2002, Roger W.Brown wrote:

    | Hi,
    | I'm no kernel hacker so I am little hesitant to speak; however,
    | I'm looking at kdev_t.h from the linux-2.5.3-pre1 source.
    | The type of kdev_t has changed recently from a scalar type to a
    | structured type. Should macro definitions such as MINOR(dev) also
    | be revised to be consistent with the "new" kdev_t ?

    Macros to use kdev_t also changed.

    | Something like:
    | #define MINOR(dev) ((unsigned int) ((dev.value) & MINORMASK))
    | rather than
    | #define MINOR(dev) ((unsigned int) ((dev) & MINORMASK))
    | Then usage of the MINOR() macro remains unchanged.

    Nope, use major() and minor() instead [although I prefer
    the kmajor() and kminor() patch].

    item 7, bullet 3, which points to an email from one Linus Torvalds
    about the kdev_t change.


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