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SubjectTwo issues with 2.4.18pre3 on PPC

I am very glad that the PPC patches are now merged so I can use a
mainstream kernel again on my iBook. Thanks to all the people who did
this. It works quite fine so far but there are two minor problems:

- The kernel ignores the boot parameter hdb=ide-scsi, it probes hdb anyway
and loads the ATAPI CD-ROM driver. The problem may be (I am really not
familiar with the kernel internals) the function pmac_ide_probe() in
drivers/ide/ide-pmac.c which does not check for any kernel boot
parameters at all.

- The generic RTC driver in drivers/char/rtc.c does not work for this
iBook. The driver in drivers/macintosh/rtc.c does work, but it only
implements the two ioctls RTC_RD_TIME and RTC_SET_TIME. (Is this due to
hardware limitations?) Anyway, it is confusing to have both drivers
configurable for PPC, maybe the corresponding files should be
adjusted. (In addition, this is complicated by the fact that both
configuration options appear in different submenus and if you select
both as modules, then the generic driver will "shadow" the macintosh


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