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SubjectRe: [RFC] klibc requirements
Felix von Leitner writes:
> Thus spake Albert D. Cahalan (

>> I think the dietlibc idea has to be scrapped so we can run BSD apps.
>> (and others maybe, but I'm not looking to start a flame war)
> What apps are you talking about?

I'm talking about all apps under the traditional 4-clause
BSD license. Every single one of them is incompatible with
a GPL libc. An LGPL library works fine.

BTW, the LGPL isn't just for libraries anymore. It's now the
called the "Lesser" GPL, perfectly suited for apps as well
as libraries. I know this must be what RMS had in mind, so I
released all my "ps" source code under the LGPL. :-)

> You don't need NIS or SMB before mounting the root disk.

NIS can be used to specify what filesystem to use.
SMB could be that filesystem.

>> Treat ELF like a.out, getting rid of the -fPIC stuff in favor of
>> offsets assigned when you build the initramfs.
> ELF is a standard.
> You can't just go out and re-invent dynamic linking completely.

Sure you can. As long as the kernel loader is happy, no problem.
People commit worse sins trying to squeeze stuff onto a floppy.
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