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SubjectRe: Rik spreading bullshit about VM
On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, Rik van Riel wrote:

> 1) the journalist may be good, but his english was far from
> fluent, there was some confusion at times during the
> interview

This email is just to let you all know that the original interview was the
english one. I published it as it was in my IRC log, without correcting
any grammatical/syntactical error, removing emoticons, changing any word.

> 2) the interview was done quite informally on IRC, with me
> replying in normal IRC style ... it appears however
> that the sentence fragments were just cut'n'pasted
> together into something gramatically dubious, this has
> messed up the contents in some places ;)

Rik, I asked you to choose between an email or IRC interview, you chose
IRC, so from that moment if you used an informal language, it was out
of my job. If you aren't able to take your responsabilities for your
actions or words, this probably means you're not enough mature to be a
maintainer. If you are sure to be a victim, publish your logs, i'll be
happy to publish mine.

> 3) I guess this whole stuff was converted to gramatically
> correct Italian, possibly meaning something slightly
> different from the text in (2), definately something
> else than what I wanted to say.

The interview was translated to italian by a highly qualified person.
Anyway, both italian and english interviews are on the web, i'm sure
Andrea, or whoever, will be happy to tell you if anything was changed.

Best regards,
Andrea Scrimieri

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