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    SubjectRe: Two issues with 2.4.18pre3 on PPC
    > Hi,
    > I am very glad that the PPC patches are now merged so I can use a
    > mainstream kernel again on my iBook. Thanks to all the people who did
    > this. It works quite fine so far but there are two minor problems:
    > - The kernel ignores the boot parameter hdb=ide-scsi, it probes hdb anyway
    > and loads the ATAPI CD-ROM driver. The problem may be (I am really not
    > familiar with the kernel internals) the function pmac_ide_probe() in
    > drivers/ide/ide-pmac.c which does not check for any kernel boot
    > parameters at all.
    This has beed changed for some time now. You need to pass some ignore
    argument to the ide-cdrom driver and load it first then load the ide-scsi
    which will detect any remaining atapi devices. I could give you the exact
    line if my system wasn't dead at the moment.

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