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    SubjectRe: Defining new section for bus driver init
    > Attached is a patch that creates a new section for device subsystem init
    > calls. With it, the root bus init calls are handled just like init calls
    > - the section consists of a table of function pointers.
    > device_driver_init() iterates over that table and calls each one.
    > (device_driver_init() currently happens just before that pci_init() call
    > above).
    > What do people think about the concept?

    Well, it chops out a load of ugly ifdefs, and makes adding support
    for a new bus less intrusive than it currently is. I quite like it.

    > I will warn that the name is kinda clumsy, but it's the best that I could
    > come up with (I wasted my creativity for the day on thinking about
    > Penelope). I used "subsystem" because I have alterior motives.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with the subject line.
    struct BusDriver also conjures up amusing[*] imagery.

    One thing I'm wondering about though. Is it possible for a new
    bus to be added after boot ? Docking stations etc show up as
    children on the root PCI bus, so that shouldn't be an issue.

    Ah! hotplug PCI USB controller ?


    [*] I'm easily amused.

    Dave Jones.
    SuSE Labs.
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