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    SubjectRe: Writeout in recent kernels/VMs poor compared to last -ac
    Adam Kropelin wrote:
    > Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, it didn't help. :(
    > Blocks definitely do begin hitting the disk much sooner after I begin the
    > transfer, but the overall time is basically unchanged: 7:08. vmstat still
    > shows the widely oscillating bo value.

    Here's what I get with 2.4.12-ac3-lowlatency (non-fixed X11 driver):

    And here's 2.4.16-lowlatency (non-fixed X11 driver):

    Here's 2.4.16-lowlatency with some small patches (fixed X11 driver):

    Here's 2.4.17-ide-rmap-O1-minill (fixed X11 driver):

    So, only usable kernel is still 2.4.12-ac3 with fixed X11 driver.

    - Jussi Laako

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