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    SubjectSpurious NFS ESTALE errors w/NFSv3 server, non-v3 client

    I belive this is new behavior in the latest (post-2.4.7 I
    believe) kernel NFS software:

    I have two machines, both running kernel 2.4.9, each of which
    act as both an NFS client and server to the other. I am using
    the kernel NFS daemon and am exporting ext2fs filesystems on a
    local switched LAN.

    One box, called tela, was configured with NFSv3 enabled for
    both the client and server code. The other box, hagrid, was
    not configured with any NFSv3 support enabled. I just neglected
    to enable this in the configuration, its was not for any
    particular reason.

    When I did large file reads on hagrid (the v2 client), I
    would get spurious ESTALE errors on files which are totally
    static and haven't been
    touched in months. Basically the filesystem contains a lot
    of audio files, and I was running md5 checksums on them from
    hagrid, while they were hosted on tela.

    When I checked the configuration on the client, and realized
    that NFSv3 was not enabled, I enabled it and rebuilt the
    kernel. After a reboot, the errors disappeared and I can
    successfully read many gigabytes of data without a hiccup.

    Is this one of those "if it hurts then don't do that" kind of
    things, or is it the expected behavior? I think I've had the
    two machines configured like this for several kernel
    revisions (2.4.0 onwards) and only noticed this behavior since
    I switched my server to 2.4.9 from 2.4.7. It *may* have
    happened before and I didn't notice it, but I think this was
    introduced some time in 2.4.8 or later.

    cae at bklyn dot org | Caleb Epstein | bklyn . org | Brooklyn Dust Bunny Mfg.
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