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SubjectRe: Transparent proxy support in 2.4 - revisited
Andrey Savochkin <> writes:

> It had been broken in 2.2 for months and nobody repaired it => nobody needed
> it. I don't know, whether it works now or not.

Broken? It worked for me on all kernels I tried from RH, I currently
run it on 2.2.19.

> How are you going to determine whether the packet is destined to you or two
> the real server?
> That's the main question.

Maybe follow the method used by NAT now? I mean, I presume no one
wants to go back to the old implementation...

> If the module always rewrites the destination IP address, and it can't be
> turned off, it's certainly a misfeature.
> Make it conditional, or just make a quick hack for yourself, or copy the
> existing redirect module, fix it and use the new module.

Well, that's another one to get used to, the old code made the output
from netstat or lsof extremely informative, something that is pretty
much lost now in 2.4.x. Right?

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