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    SubjectRe: [parisc-linux] documented Oops running big-endian reiserfs on parisc architecture
    Alan Cox <> writes:

    > > > Is it impossible to handle unaligned access traps properly on
    > > > parisc? If so, well you have some problems...
    > >
    > > No, we just haven't bothered to implement it yet. Not many people
    > > use IPX these days.
    > You also need unaligned trap fixups for
    > AX.25, NetROM, LAPB, X.25, Appletalk, PPP, Anything over 802.2LLC, Linus
    > NFS code for some NFS mount options (although not the -ac NFS code)

    And also everybody connected to the internet needs them, because you can
    create arbitarily unaligned TCP/UDP/ICMP headers using IP option byte sized

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