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    Subjectkernel changes
    Hey guys,
    I have been watching development of 2.4 since 2.4.2, I wonder wether
    there would be reversion to old process where kernel source will be
    solidified before starting development branch. Sysadmins where I work
    are uneasy to move to linux from solaris, because of erratic changes
    to the kernel such as replacement of the hardware monitoring code, rewriting
    of network card drivers - all of which broke some or other software,
    or simply did not work. I myself update kernel as time permits,
    usually every 0.0.2+ I have spent nearly two days tracing problem
    of my network, that ended up in source code of the driver that have
    been radically changed for "better". Now I don't trust 2.4 line
    kernel to work *at all*, so cautiously keep all old kernels in the /boot,
    when upgrading.
    It seems I am not only one and wonder if something will be done about that.

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