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    SubjectRe: /proc/partitions hosed in 2.4.9-ac10
    On Tue, Sep 18, 2001 at 10:59:32AM -0500, Tim Walberg wrote:
    > On 09/18/2001 17:43 +0200, Hubert Mantel wrote:
    > >>
    > >> You only have one single SCSI adapter?
    > >>
    > >> I tried several things so far, and it seems you need the following to
    > >> trigger the problem: You need at least two SCSI adapters that require
    > >> different drivers (so two AHA2940s are not sufficient) and the drivers
    > >> need to be loaded as modules.
    > >> -o)
    > I would amend that a bit - it doesn't seem to have to be only two SCSI
    > drivers, because I've seen the same with a 2.4.9-ac9 system with aic7xxx
    > (with sg, sd, and sr) combined with usb-storage (which also uses sd).
    > Granted usb-storage is kinda pseudo-SCSI, but it's not truly a SCSI
    > low level driver.
    > tw

    As a datapoint: I have seen this when I "scsi remove-single-device"'d a disk
    from my system. After re-adding it (at the same ID/LUN etc. in this case)
    /proc/partitions was OK again.

    Two different Adaptec controllers driven by AIC7xxx, compiled into kernel,
    no modules.


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