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    SubjectRe: lilo vs other OS bootloaders was: FreeBSD makes progress
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > All the discussion we have has been based on seriously enhancing and
    > expanding the use of the initrd/ramfs layer. Remember we can begin running
    > from ramfs without interrupts, pci bus scans or the like. The things it cant
    > do are - pick a kernel by processor type, pick SMP/non SMP.

    The kernel could be chosen by processor type, if you added a "reboot
    into a new kernel" function.

    It would be rather large for one initramfs, as _all_ of the modules have
    combinations of SMP/non-SMP x i386/486/586/686/athlon/686-PAE versions,
    not just the core kernel.

    It may still be a useful function for CDROM or network boots though.
    I.e. initramfs selects an optimised kernel and set of modules to run,
    and replaces the current generic kernel with the optimised one.

    -- Jamie
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