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    SubjectRe: how to know to which file in kernel the patch can be applied?
    umesh jaiswal wrote:
    > Dear sir ...
    > I have applied a linux-2_2_16_diff.htm patch which I have downloaded
    > from kgdb site for remote kernel debugging by giving the command
    > cd /usr/src/linun2.2.16
    > $[linux] patch p0 < linux-2_2_16_diff.htm
    > But after appling the above patch command the console giving the massage :
    > type the file name you want to patch.
    > I don't know sir which file I have to patch for remote kernel debugging
    > support on my development machine .pls help me out.

    Most of the patches assume that your current working directory is
    If you are in /usr/src/linux* try "patch -p1 <patch"
    You can browse the patch with less and see at the "diff" line what
    the expected hierachy looks like
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