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Paul G. Allen wrote:

>Dan Hollis wrote:
>>On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Albert D. Cahalan wrote:
>>>Don't go blaming Linux when power supply upgrades sometimes
>>>make this problem go away. You could also try one of the
>>>recent SiS or ALi chipsets.
>>>I just saw a reference (maybe to AMD's new
>>>chips having trouble on VIA boards -- I'd guess that the Palimino
>>>core can push the motherboard too hard without fancy Athlon code.
>>So what happens when someone is able to duplicate the problem on say AMD
>>760MP chipset with registered ECC PC2100 ram and 450W power supply?
>>Not to say it has happened yet (I havent got my dual Tyan Tiger MP yet :-)
>>but where would the finger start pointing then?
>My Dual Athlon (1.4GHz) works just fine (with the exception of the ATA 100 - I have to disable DMA).
>It's been running 24/7 for weeks at 100% CPU usage (on both CPUs).
>My A7V133 is another story (also a 1.4GHz). It used to work with RH 7.1, now I can't even get the OS to install.
My dual 1.2 Athlon MPs work great as well. I have my DMA on without
any troubles though. Actually I have never had
a problem with Athlons and Linux. I have a 650MHz and a 1GHz as well
and they are rock solid. I would look at your
check your hardware before blaming the software. I have compiled kernel
after kernel, made a couple graphic posters of
the kernel, and run many simulations on it without incident.

I did however have one of those mammoth 460W power supplies fail on me
though. As long as you don't use the AGP Pro
slot on the board you should have more then enough power from it. I
have 4 hard drives on it, two cdroms working, and
about 8 fans without any problems.


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