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SubjectRe: [IDEA+RFC] Possible solution for min()/max() war
"A month of sundays ago David Woodhouse wrote:"
> said:
> > You got me curious enough to try it. It compiles and links fine with
> > -O1 and higher under
> > gcc version 2.95.2 20000220 (Debian GNU/Linux)
> > gcc version 2.8.1
> > gcc version
> Oh well, then it _must_ be safe then - gcc has never changed unspecified
> behaviour on us before, has it?

Well, I understand what you mean, but if the linux kernel wants it
and the C spec doesn't forbid it, then it'll either stay that way
or an "official" way will be found of evoking the desired behaviour.

The kernel already relies on -O1 expanding outb().

> The gcc engineer who took one look at the __buggy_udelay cruft, raised his
> eyebrows, swore and wandered off muttering must just have been having a bad
> day or something.

Actually, I was a bit more worried that

const unsigned int i = 1;
if (i < 0)

would generate warnings about the comparison always failing. But it
doesn't, at least not with -Wall. It does generate a warning about
implicitly declaring the function foo()! So I guess one has to add a
decl for it just above the call. But it doesn't emit code for the call
itself, so the link is fine.

OTOH I now can't get #__LINE__ to expand as I want it where I want it.

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