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    SubjectRe: Linux Mounting problem
    It will enter maintenance mode if fsck was unable to fix errors as a 
    previous boot-up. Boot with your RH71 cd, enter "linux rescue" at the
    "boot:" prompt, and your system will be mounted under /mnt/sysimage. It
    may delay for a little while while coming up if it's re-running fsck.
    After you have a prompt (navigate throught the text dialog boxes
    first), run fsck and you can fix the partition or inode errors.

    Jim Roland, RHCE

    Venkatesh Ramachandran wrote:

    > I am using Redhat Linux 7.1
    > During reboot, i get the message " Mounting / as readonly"
    > And, it enters into maintenance mode...( & all other steps fail -
    >/proc not mounted, swap not mounted, fsck fails)
    > I did the following :
    > mount -t proc proc /proc
    > fsck /dev/hda1
    > The following error messages : ERROR : Couldn't open /dev/null
    >(Read-only file system)
    > It goes into a never-ending loop, and never i am able to recover from
    >this problem.
    > Has anyone come across such a problem? How to tackle it?
    > Do we need to use a bootdisk, to get into the read-write mode of root
    >filesystem ?
    > How to change root filesystem from read-only to read-write?
    > This will be of very great help to me and my team.
    >Thanks in advance,
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