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Subject2.4.9-ac1/2/3 allows multiple mounts of NFS filesystem on same mountpoint
Accidentally <G> I mounted a filesystem from my server onto my workstation
twice. Mount gave me no error....
Both machines are kernel 2.4.9-ac3, both have NFSv3 support, server is using
knfsd, mount is version 2.11b. I export /storage on the server, and mount it
on /storage on my workstation.

When I boot the workstation, it automatically mounts /storage, so
everything's fine. If I then issue a "mount /storage" command, I don't get
any error. df then reports two identical mounts for /storage. I can continue
to multiple mount (tried up to five mounts). Each "umount /storage" takes
away the most recent mount, with the last one performing a real unmount.

I can't, however, multiple mount any local filesystems (hard disk or CD-ROM
based), and don't have anything else handy to try.

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