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SubjectRe: ISSUE: DFE530-TX REV-A3-1 times out on transmit
On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, David Schmitt wrote:

> under 'normal loads' (ie one tcp d/l at max, few other traffic) the
> situation didn' get better, it hangs as often as with the original
> via-rhine, at least it feels so. No hard figures here. But even
> writing this mail (via ssh) here parallel to a download over the lan
> (from the same server) triggers resets.

That is still pretty awful ... but it doesn't stop working?
(you say hangs, but then resets)

> under heavy loads (ie with multiple flood pings) it resets often but I
> couldn't push it over the edge anymore. I have it running now for
> several minutes under multiple pingfloods and it always recovered
> (from quite a amount of resets).

Ok, that means the "D-Link magic" does improve reset.

It may be interesting to find out which parts that help. I simply added
things that looked good ... Lacking information on what the bit-flipping
is supposed to do, one way to try and do that is to remove code and see
how much can be removed without breaking anything.
(Sounds like a childrens game, except for programmers ...)

I'll still try generating collisions and see what happens. If I can't
reproduce this perhaps you would test a different patch to see which
change that made a difference?


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