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    SubjectRe: Updated Linux kernel preemption patches
    On Mon, 2001-08-27 at 17:24, Cliff Albert wrote:
    > I ALWAYS run make dep && make clean && make bzImage when building a new
    > kernel

    OK, so that is not the problem...

    > It still borks, probably you are having other options in your kernel config
    > and sections you don't use may depend on dec_and_lock

    No, I have places in my kernel where atomic_dec_and_lock is used. In
    fact, one of the functions I was pasted where it broke was mmput() in
    kernel.S (i think from fork.c). I have that function, and it uses

    So the problem is most certainly something to do with your configuration
    not getting the dependency right to use atomic_dec_and_lock

    Out of curiosity, what CONFIG CPU are you defined to use?

    > First get it to work, and then spend time on keeping it current with alan's
    > and linus' tree.

    I am working, but it is not my code. I am merely trying to keep it in
    sync with the trees. I am trying to get it working for those who it
    does not compile for, but it works for me and others, so it is hard.

    Robert M. Love
    rml at
    rml at

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