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    SubjectRe: Updated Linux kernel preemption patches
    Hello Robert Love,

    > > It still borks, probably you are having other options in your kernel config
    > > and sections you don't use may depend on dec_and_lock
    > No, I have places in my kernel where atomic_dec_and_lock is used. In
    > fact, one of the functions I was pasted where it broke was mmput() in
    > kernel.S (i think from fork.c). I have that function, and it uses
    > atomic_dec_and_lock...
    > So the problem is most certainly something to do with your configuration
    > not getting the dependency right to use atomic_dec_and_lock
    > Out of curiosity, what CONFIG CPU are you defined to use?


    > > First get it to work, and then spend time on keeping it current with alan's
    > > and linus' tree.
    > I am working, but it is not my code. I am merely trying to keep it in
    > sync with the trees. I am trying to get it working for those who it
    > does not compile for, but it works for me and others, so it is hard.

    Andrey Nekrasov, SpyLOG.
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