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SubjectRe: Updated Linux kernel preemption patches
Hello Robert Love,

Once you wrote about "Re: Updated Linux kernel preemption patches":
> On Mon, 2001-08-27 at 15:31, J Sloan wrote:
> > I get the same error -
> >
> > RH 7.1 + updates and bits of rawhide -
> I am looking into this, but I do not have this problem (which is odd).
> The patch wraps one define of atomic_dec_and_lock in an #ifndef
> CONFIG_PREEMPT, but I assume there is another defination elsewhere. For
> whatever reason, my kernel compiles fine.
> I am going to update the patch to 2.4.9-ac2, give that a try.
> Wait a are _ENABLING_ the configure option, right? Always
> run `make oldconfig' !!! If you are not, in this case, the patch is
> breaking compiles where CONFIG_PREEMPT is not I can fix that.
> Please let me know.

I am doing:

make clean
make menuconfig (load my config; enable/disable option if need)
make dep
make bzImage
(break with error)

Where should be "make oldconfig" ?

Andrey Nekrasov, SpyLOG.
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