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    Subject3ware: no cards found in 2.2.19, cards found in 2.4.x
    I have a quad xeon 2GB system running Oracle which I am reverting to 
    2.2.x because of 2.4.x's less than desirable VM performance (causing a
    2x Oracle slowdown, reported about a month ago on linux-kernel). I
    foolishly put a 3ware card in at the same time as I "upgraded" the box
    to 2.4.4, so now I am in the undesirable position of needing to go back
    to 2.2.19, but that kernel cannot find the card. I get the following
    message during boot:

    3w-xxxx: tw_find_cards(): No cards found
    /lib/moduless/2.2.19-2GB-SMP/scsi/3w-xxxx.o: init_module: Device or
    resource busy

    I have tried compiling the 3ware driver version 1.02.00.{004,006,007}
    all with the same result. Has anyone managed to use a Suse 2.2.19
    kernel with 3ware cards with any success? The driver is
    from the stock 2.2.19 kernel, the .006 driver is from 3ware's website,
    and the .007 driver is from 2.2.20pre9.

    Any hints appreciated,
    Brian Strand
    CTO Switch Management

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