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    SubjectDMA blacklist for buggy hardware?
    I'm aware that there is a DMA blacklist for certain hardware that cant get 
    along with standard DMA drivers in linux and indeed certain hardware that
    doesn't get along in my OS's when using dma. One such drive is the Kenwood
    TrueX cdroms. There are lots of problems documented with these drives and
    dma usage. I have one and i've had problems when using it in DMA mode for
    years. I suggest putting them on the blacklist so enabling DMA to these
    drives is not possible to make sure problems with system use aren't due to
    this. Enabling DMA on this line of drives can cause infinite atapi reset
    loops on some kernels, dma timeouts that can bring a system to a halt until
    it eventually resets and data corruption. The latest kernels seem to behave
    much better when errors result from enabling dma on this drive but in the
    past that hasn't been the case and there is still the reset which effects the
    other drive on the controller as well. Thanks.
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