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    Subject4.7GB DVD-RAM geometry wrong?
    I don't know if I'm doing this the right way or not.  I did spend an hour
    or three googling for "linux dvd-ram" and the like, and all I came up with
    was a bunch of 2.2-specific stuff, until I found a usenet posting that
    said in effect "you can write to /dev/scd0". So I gave that a try
    and it worked. Sort of.

    I have a Panasonic DVD-RAM, LF-D201 (SCSI 4.7/9.4GB). I put in a
    4.7GB type II cartridge (that's a single-sided disk), did 'mkfs
    /dev/scd0' and then mounted it, and ... I have a 2.2GB disk!

    It works fine but my ignorant assumption is that it is using the
    geometry for the older 2.2gb media. Firing up cfdisk -z:

    cfdisk 2.10f

    Disk Drive: /dev/scd0
    Size: 2290384896 bytes
    Heads: 255 Sectors per Track: 63 Cylinders: 278

    I am new to the world of DVD-RAM so I don't know off the top of my head
    what the correct geometry is. But this ain't it!

    So nevermind the problems of creating partitions on the device. Why
    isn't the raw device the right size?

    I'm a non-subscriber so please cc: me.

    [root@talker src]# uname -a
    Linux talker 2.4.8 #2 SMP Tue Aug 14 02:37:03 MST 2001 i686 unknown


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