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    SubjectRe: ptrace(), fork(), sleep(), exit(), SIGCHLD
    In article <>,
    christophe =?iso-8859-1?Q?barb=E9?= <> wrote:
    >Le lun, 13 aoû 2001 10:29:32, Bruce Janson a écrit :
    >> The following program behaves incorrectly when traced:
    >Have you receive off-line answers?

    No, though I did receive an offline reply from someone who appeared
    to have misunderstood the post. In case it wasn't clear, the problem
    is that the above program behaves differently when traced to how it
    behaves when not traced. (I do realise that in general, under newer
    Unices, when not ignored, a SIGCHLD signal may accompany the death of
    a child.)

    >I guess that it's certainly more a strace issue and that it's perhaps

    It's not clear to me whether it is a kernel, glibc or strace bug, but
    it does appear to be a bug.
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