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    SubjectRE: [PATCH] Linux default IP ttl
    > You do of course realize that your problem was caused by other people
    > who probably have exactly the same attitude as you do -- they didn't
    > care whether they were doing the right thing, they just slapped together
    > something that worked, even if it did introduce way too many routing
    > hops. So you're introducing a kludge to counteract their kludge, and
    > eventually this all turns into a big pile of kludges that doesn't work.

    One other thing is that I have no proof that they are reaching that server
    farm from a conventional web browser or conventional network. They might be
    using some kind of cellular modem attached to a phone or some other wireless
    access that might be making several hops to get the data to them. I simply
    have no idea. All I know is increasing the default hop count makes it work
    and that is good enough for me. If that person can access a Win2k web server
    but not my Linux server, there might be a business case against using Linux.
    Of course I can always manually bump the default TTL but not every admin of
    a website will know to do that. I am just trying to help Linux gain the
    maximum possible acceptance by working with the maximum possible number of
    clients with the least amount of fuss.

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