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    SubjectRe: Adaptec SCSI driver lockups
    Thanks for your note Jussi.

    I don't think that this applies here. The tape drive is alone on this

    Cheers, Luc.

    Jussi Laako wrote:
    > Luc Lalonde wrote:
    > >
    > > I suspect that it is a problem with the Adaptec 39160 SCSI controller
    > > that is on my system (aic799). The lockups always occur when I'm
    > > backing up to my HP DAT40 that is connected to channel A of this SCSI
    > Our HP DAT (24 GB) occasionally locks up. This doesn't lead to system
    > lockup, but it's probably because there are no HDDs connected to SCSI bus.
    > Resetting the DAT (by cycling power) doesn't help, the SCSI
    > controller/driver gets somehow confused. It requires hardware reset.
    > This happened also with OpenBSD, although power cycling the DAT fixed the
    > situation there. I believe it's either buggy software in DAT drive or the
    > drive is breaking up (those thingies seem to last for about two years). (Or
    > there is some other SCSI hardware related issue.)
    > I have tested this with 2940/2930 cards. I think it could lead to system
    > lockup if there were SCSI HDD with swap connected to same controller.
    > - Jussi Laako
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