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    SubjectRe: PROBLEM: <BUG Report: kernel BUG at slab.c:1062! from pppd with speedtouch drivers and pppoatm>
    On Wednesday 11 July 2001 16:11, Richard Purdie wrote:
    > [1.] One line summary of the problem:
    > BUG Report: kernel BUG at slab.c:1062!

    Just to check: I got exactly the same thing, and a very similar oops (EIP in
    kmem_cache_grow &c) when trying to load sb.o & opl3.o under 2.4.7-pre5. It
    was caused by the fact that I hadn't updated /etc/modules.conf to point to
    the correct directory, and the kernel was trying to load modules from 2.4.5.
    Can you check to make sure that the modules being loaded are the correct ones
    for the kernel version?

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