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    SubjectRe: temperature standard - global config option?
    On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 08:43:06PM +0200, J . A . Magallon wrote:

    > On 06.08 Michael H. Warfield wrote:

    > > Actually, the REAL point I was TRYING to make (and doing a really
    > > shabby job of it) is that some of this needs a little dose of reality.
    > > We don't have sensors that are accurate to 1/10 of a K and certainly not
    > > to 1/100 of a K. Knowing the CPU temperature "precise" to .01 K when
    > > the accuracy of the best sensor we are likely to see is no better than
    > > +- 1 K is just about as relevant as negative absolute temperatures.

    > Lets see, somebody can develop lab equipment (dont think on PTRs or
    > thermistors in common world) that givee 10e-3 precission, and you are just
    > making linux not suitable to control that hardware. Think open.
    > What is the real difference between managing temperatures with a short
    > or a long ?. Is it really needed to fit it in a short ??!!!
    > I would use an unsigned long with fixed point and all done.

    No, we are not talking lab instrumentation here. We are talking
    about CPU monitoring. Lab instrumentation is a whole different issue
    with things like the IEEE bus and such. Lab instrumentation would require
    it's own drivers and interface.

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