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    SubjectVM: Buffer vs. Cache

    just being curious. Since 2.4.4, I am watching my systems memory
    behaviour a bit:-) Just recently I realized the following: in the
    evening I leave my 128MB system at about 20 MB, 2 MB Buffered and 100 MB
    Cached (plus som 40 MB unneccesary swap :-)). When I come back in the
    morning, Used is still at 20 MB (a bit down maybe) but Buffered is 50 MB
    and Cached is 55 MB. For a few minutes the system is definitely more
    sluggish than in the evening. Something I can excuse before my first cup
    of coffe anyway...

    So, what actually is the difference between Buffered and Cached.
    Apparently quite a lot of the pages that are Cached in the evening are
    Buffered 9 houres later.

    Martin Knoblauch | email:
    TeraPort GmbH | Phone: +49-89-510857-309
    C+ITS | Fax: +49-89-510857-111 | Mobile: +49-170-4904759
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