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    SubjectRe: spindown
    On Thu, Jun 21, 2001 at 06:07:01PM +0200, Jamie Lokier wrote:
    > Pavel Machek wrote:
    > > > Isn't this why noflushd exists or is this an evil thing that shouldn't
    > > > ever be used and will eventually eat my disks for breakfast?
    > >
    > > It would eat your flash for breakfast. You know, flash memories have
    > > no spinning parts, so there's nothing to spin down.
    > Btw Pavel, does noflushd work with 2.4.4? The noflushd version 2.4 I
    > tried said it couldn't find some kernel process (kflushd? I don't
    > remember) and that I should use bdflush. The manual says that's
    > appropriate for older kernels, but not 2.4.4 surely.

    Yes, noflushd works with 2.4.x. I'm running it on an ibook with

    And as a word of warning: while running noflushd, make sure you 'sync' a
    few times after an 'apt-get dist-upgrade' that upgrades damn near
    everything before doing something that crashes the kernel. This WILL eat
    your ext2fs for breakfast.

    Troy Benjegerdes | master of mispeeling | 'da hozer' |
    -----"If this message isn't misspelled, I didn't write it" -- Me -----
    "Why do musicians compose symphonies and poets write poems? They do it
    because life wouldn't have any meaning for them if they didn't. That's
    why I draw cartoons. It's my life." -- Charles Shulz
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