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SubjectRe: Is it useful to support user level drivers
Thanks folks, I got some great comments, pointers a
list of problems which I need to take care of.
I promise that when I try and implement user
level interrupts - it won't be a hack, all problems
will be taken care of based on good programming

I will look into the steps provided by people.
Yes! we need to worry about shared interrupts, I will
draw out a more detailed plan of problems and

Later ...


--- "Dmitry A. Fedorov" <>
> On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Oliver Neukum wrote:
> > > > In addition, how do you handle shared
> interrupts ?
> > >
> > > It is impossible, see my another message.
> >
> > Which IMHO makes the concept pretty much useless.
> > Interrupt sharing is pretty much the norm today.
> And there is no evidence for
> > this to change in the near future. Rather the
> opposite seems to happen in
> > fact.
> >
> > Which devices were you thinking of, that need a
> hardware IRQ and no kernel
> > driver ?
> An ISA cards, mostly for data acquisition - edge
> triggered interrupts,
> no ack required immediately from interrupt handler.
> Rest of hardware
> handling can be deferred to user space.
> IRQ sharing is possible there in spite of some
> hardware hacking.
> Yes, it is very limited range of hardware today but
> it exists
> and /dev/irq kernel module provide one of generic
> mechanisms for user
> space driver implementation.

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