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SubjectRe: [OT] Threads, inelegance, and Java
Rob Landley wrote:

> So how exactly DOES MS expect to stop the Linux folks from reverse
> engineering .NET apps? Patents? Giving up on the client side and moving to
> an ASP business model (toe to toe with AOL)? Constant gratuitous
> compatability changes to try to prevent all those nasty GPL viruses from
> evolving an immunity to their new proprietary drug? (Without, of course,
> being obvious enough to trigger a third antitrust trial after the 1995 and
> 1998 ones...)

They probably *want* people to port the .NET VM to Linux. You should
have seen their diagrams... Lots of pretty boxes saying how the various
parts of .NET work and a small greyed out area at the bottom saying
'Win32'. They kept saying 'Cross platform' and 'Open standards' (the
VM* has been submitted to ECMA apparently)....

Of course when that happens everyone will continue using MS software,
but on top of their chosen OS. MS make more $$$ (we keep buying
Exchange, Office, etc. but running them on Linux) and they are happy.
MS Exchange runs on AS400/Solaris/etc., so it becomes an 'Enterprise'
solution that PHBs throughout the world inflict on us, and MS make even
*more* $$$.


* aka. 'Common Language Runtime'
"Two weeks before due date, the programmers work 22 hour days
cobbling an application from... (apparently) one programmer
bashing his face into the keyboard." -- Dilbert


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