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    SubjectRe: Intellimouse in 2.4.5-ac7
    On 03 Jun 2001 03:34:14 +0300, mythos wrote:
    > Using kernel 2.4.5-ac7 my intelli is not working at all.
    > The kernel doesn't report that it has found it.My config is the same
    > with the previous kernel I used 2.4.5-ac2.

    can you test it with ac6? ac7 incorpates an incredibly simple patch to
    fix poor scrolling in ac4-ac6. i cant see how this could break

    i am running ac7 right now (and was running ac6 with the patch) and my
    IntelliMouse works fine.

    I am using the USB HID driver, not the limited mouse-only driver.

    [20:48:33]rml@phantasy:~# uname -a
    Linux phantasy 2.4.5-ac7 #1 Sat Jun 2 19:38:20 EDT 2001 i686 unknown

    [20:49:43]rml@phantasy:~# grep Intelli /var/log/dmesg
    input0: USB HID v1.00 Mouse [Microsoft Microsoft IntelliMouse® Explorer]
    on usb1:2.0

    maybe we should stop using microsoft products? :)

    Robert M. Love

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