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    SubjectRe: Download process for a "split kernel" (was: obsolete code must die)
    > Or as a simpler design, something like;
    > * a copy of the kernel maintained in a CVS tree
    > * kernel download would pull down:
    > * the build script
    > * a file containing the list of filenames depended on by
    > each config option
    > * build script builds the config and then cvs updates the file list
    > and the files for each config option in question to the version as
    > tagged in the build script
    > Someone could relatively easily maintain this separate to all the kernel
    > developers, and it would mean only ever having to download files you were
    > actually using.


    50 % of kernel size is from /linux/drivers
    25 % of kernel size is from machine dependent /linux/arch/XXXX and

    If we are able to divide Linux tree in such a way that everyone can
    download it from from their personnal modems and enjoy linux.

    may be i am wrong .

    But i love downloading whole kernel and i usually refer different

    Thank you,

    Best Regards,

    These are my opinions not 3Di.

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