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    SubjectRe: es1371 and recent kernels
    > > [please be kind and Cc when replying]
    > >
    > > Has someone been able to get es1371 to actually produce anything
    > > audible with latest kernels? The last version I could use was 2.4.0.
    > > Then I had some trouble but I attributed them to devfs. Now I've
    > > removed devfs and still I'm not able to play anything.
    > Works for me, but it produces all kinds of crackly noise garbage. I'm
    > not sure if this is because the driver has a bug, or the sound card is
    > a piece of flaming shit. But I'm inclined to believe the latter.
    > Anybody have a suggestion for a card that isn't a flaming piece of shit,
    > (and not made by Creative) less than $100 US, PCI, supported by linux,
    > and available?

    My ES1370 has done me good. You might want to try that card. Yes it's a
    creative card. It only has a crackle running 22k 8-bit

    Lab tests show that use of micro$oft causes cancer in lab animals
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