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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.4.5-ac12] New Sony Vaio Motion Eye camera driver
    On Sun, Jun 10, 2001 at 04:58:42PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > Yes. But, even if I know how to program the mchip to output to
    > > the video bus, there is something missing to enable overlay
    > > (either in the mchip or in the ati video driver).
    > It could be using the YUV digital inputs to the ATI chip.

    Most likely yes.

    > It seems however
    > also quite likely to me that windows is doing the following
    > 1. Issuing USB transfers which put the data into video ram overlay buffers
    > (ie the DMA from the USB controller)


    The rest seems good to me :-) I even think that the docs we have
    are sufficient for this part (programming the mchip dma).

    > 2. Using the YUV overlay/expand hardware in the ATI card
    > (see for X stuff for ATI for this)


    I took a quick look on their site but it seems that the
    Rage Mobility P/M card which this laptop has isn't yet supported.

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