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    SubjectRe: [OFF-TOPIC] 4 ports ETH cards
    On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 09:52:41AM +0200, Fabbione wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > sorry for the offtopic msg.
    > Can someone point me to a 4 ports fast/eth card solution for linux?

    D-Link DFE-570 has a reasonable pricing and is well supported by the
    tulip driver

    > I found some cards based on the DEC 21*4* chips but when
    > I asked for more details I got a strange answer from the reseller
    > like that this card is able to work only half-duplex and the chip has
    > only one mac-address for the 4 eth cards (really strange).

    nah. And even if so, you can always change the mac-address using ifconfig.

    What the guy most likely wanted to say, is that there is only one EEprom
    containing all mac adresses for the four tulip chips, which I have seen
    on multiple boards

    > Thanks a lot
    > Fabbione

    Live long and prosper
    - Harald Welte /
    GCS/E/IT d- s-: a-- C+++ UL++++$ P+++ L++++$ E--- W- N++ o? K- w--- O- M-
    V-- PS+ PE-- Y+ PGP++ t++ 5-- !X !R tv-- b+++ DI? !D G+ e* h+ r% y+(*)
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