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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] adding PCI bus information to SCSI layer
    At 9:32 AM +0200 2001-05-03, Kai Henningsen wrote:
    > (Jonathan Lundell) wrote on 26.04.01 in
    >> At 10:31 PM -0600 2001-04-26, Richard Gooch wrote:
    >> >BTW: please fix your mailer to do linewrap at 72 characters. Your
    >> >lines are hundreds of characters long, and that's hard to read.
    >> Sorry for the inconvenience. There are a lot of reasons why I believe
    >> it's properly a display function to wrap long lines, and that an MUA
    >> has no business altering outgoing messages (one on-topic reason being
    >> that patches get screwed up by inserted newlines), but I grant that
    >> there are broken clients out there that can't or won't or don't wrap
    >> at display time.
    >What's a lot more important is that the mail standards say that this stuff
    >should not be interpreted by the receivers as needing wrapping, so
    >irregardless of good or bad design it's just plain illegal.
    >If you want to support wrapping with plain text, investigate

    Yes, I did that.

    I'm curious, though: I haven't found the mail standards that forbid
    receivers to wrap long lines. Certainly many mail clients do it.
    What's the relevant RFC?

    >MfG Kai

    /Jonathan Lundell.
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