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    SubjectThe 2.4 /proc module change

    In the old 2.x kernels, a /proc module registers itself through
    proc_register(&proc_root, &proc_self) and unregister itself through
    proc_unregister(&proc_root, inode)

    But in the 2.4.x kernels, proc_register and proc_unregister are no longer
    available. Compilation yields "implicit declaration of proc_register" that
    means they are not defined in any header files. Besides, they are defined
    as static now, so EXPORT_SYMBOL(proc_regiser) does not make it work
    either. When trying "insmod proc_dev", the kernel says "unresolved
    symbol: proc_register". I have searched and checked archives on
    registering /proc entry, but I got no fruitful result. I am wondering if
    this is a bug or /proc entry registration has been changed to another
    undocumented method. The Linux kernel API shows register_sysctl_table
    under "the proc filesystem" category. Is this the new API to register a
    proc system. But its description says it will register an entry under
    /proc/sys only.

    I would appreciate it if you can give me some suggestions.

    Fei Liu

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