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SubjectRe: VIA Samuel problem? 2.2.19,2.4.4
> I am experiencing an interesting problem with a VIA Samuel (Cyrix III) 667
> processor, on an M755LMR motherboard (GFXcel sis630e chipset) 64M ram.
> Unfortunately I don't have access to another socket370 mobo to test right

Im running a couple of CyrixIII boxes. One on an A/Open MX3S (early rev[1])
which works very nicely and the other a Gigabyte GAJR4. I've not observed any
slowdowns over long periods but I haven't been looking for them either

> now. Anyways, when left running over a 24 hour period, performance
> seriously degrades. This happens on both stock 2.2.19 (M586TSC) and 2.4.4
> (MCYRIXIII) kernels. We have tested AMD's, PIII's and Celeron's all on
> the same board, same setup without a problem.

Check the CPU isnt overheating. Most processors will drop their clock if
they get an overheat. Not that it should be easy to get a CyrixIII to overheat
The Cyrix howto won't help you. The VIA C3 is in fact an IDT winchip derivative.

[1] The later MX3S boards seem badly screwy with all cpus - or I got bad boards
but those went back.

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