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    SubjectRE: Kernel 2.2: tq_scheduler functions scheduling and waiting

    Excellent. I will look at the 2.4 sources.

    In addition to the TASK_ZOMBIE issue you mention, I believe there
    is an issue of false termination of wait queues. Consider this:

    - Task places itself on a wait queue
    - Calls schedule()
    - tq_scheduler function does the same

    Now, there are two events which could place the task in TASK_RUNNING
    and no clear way to differentiate. And, since most of the kernel
    code does not check that the wait condition was actually met, this
    could lead to all types of problems, right?


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    To: Arthur Naseef
    Subject: Re: Kernel 2.2: tq_scheduler functions scheduling and waiting

    Arthur Naseef wrote:
    > All:
    > I have been diagnosing kernel panics for over a week and I have
    > concerns with the use of tq_scheduler for which I was hoping I
    > could get some assistance.
    > Is it considered acceptable for functions in the tq_scheduler
    > task list to call schedule? Is it acceptable for such functions
    > to wait on wait queues? What limitations exist?

    When a task wants to exit, it cleans up all its stuff,
    sets its state to TASK_ZOMBIE and then calls schedule().
    The scheduler takes it off the runqueue and the task
    is never again executed. It's just a couple of stack
    pages which are waiting for someone in wait4() to release.

    But imagine what happens if the TASK_ZOMBIE task hits
    schedule() and finds a tq_scheduler task to run. And that
    task calls schedule(). In state TASK_ZOMBIE. Messy.

    At the very least, the schedule() call will never return.

    If the tq_scheduler task sets current->state to
    TASK_[UN]INTERRUPTIBLE (as it should) before calling
    schedule() then it has overwritten TASK_ZOMBIE and the
    task which is trying to exit has become magically
    resurrected. As far as I can tell, the "dead" task
    will run again, do the `fake_volatile' thing in do_exit()
    and try to go zombie again.

    It would be very interesting to change the test in

    - if (tq_scheduler)
    + if (tq_scheduler && current->state != TASK_ZOMBIE)
    goto handle_tq_scheduler;

    It's all rather unpleasant, and tq_scheduler was killed
    in 2.4. I suggest you take a look at all the serial
    drivers in 2.4, see how I converted them to use schedule_task().
    Someone kindly ported schedule_task() to 2.2.recent, so you
    should be able to use that in the same way.

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