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    SubjectRe: PS/2 Esdi patch #8
    Jens Axboe wrote:
    > --snip--
    > and so it continues. This is the easy way to process requests. However,
    > if you can start I/O on more than one buffer at the time (scatter
    > gather), you could then setup your sg tables by browsing the entire
    > request buffer_head list and initiate I/O as needed.
    > Bigger requests on the queue, means more I/O in progress being possible.
    > There's no rule that you have to finish a request in one go, so even if
    > you can only handle eg 64 sectors per request with sg, you could do
    > just start I/O on as many segments as you can and simply don't dequeue
    > the request until it's completely done. So the max_sectors patch is
    > never really needed if you know what you are doing.

    Can I still gain any advantage if the hardware can only have one I/O inflight
    per device? I am not sure the ps2esdi interface supports this.

    Hal Duston

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