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    SubjectSyncPPP Generic PPP merge
    From: "Alan Cox" <>
    > I had hoped for 2.4 to use generic ppp with it. That might be the more
    > productive way to attack the problem.

    Generic PPP requires the user mode pppd to handle
    the LCP and NCPs, while syncppp implements these in
    the kernel.

    Instead of using ifconfig to bring an interface
    up or down, the user must now work with pppd. And the net
    device naming changes (allocated by ppp_generic.c instead
    of using the net device allocated by low level driver).

    I have no problem with this, but some people might
    not be happy with the change.

    Is the plan to *replace* the PPP code in syncppp
    (hopefully in a way that is invisible to the
    low level drivers)?

    Or is it to *add* generic PPP support to syncppp,
    leaving (at least temporarily) the existing PPP
    capability in syncppp for compatibility?
    (implying a new syncppp flag USE_GENERIC_PPP?)

    Paul Fulghum
    Microgate Corporation

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